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Pictures of the 70's? Trip where we used Concord as both a target & a vehicle to retrieve the weapons and get them back to Cape Kennedy:

   Most are taken from my research point of view.

The second picture is when one of the seals had a slight hiccup and was taken from the chopper unconscious. Some of the men in the picture taking him off the chopper were ships party as I recall and may be on your crew list?

   Most of the Arial views were taken from the choppers as we were taking the weapons from the ship to the Naval Air Station to meet up with the C130s we had waiting to transport them back home.

  The v shaped structure was the platform we brought aboard to land the torpedoes in when the marine crews lowered them to the deck of the ship. The torpedoes at that time cost many hundreds of thousands each so they were treated with kid gloves. There are also some pictures of stacks of the weapons laying in chocks on deck along with another similar shaped unit totally orange in color ( another of our items that we were also testing)

Joe Garrett CMC(SS) retired