USS Recruit (TDE-1) Liberty Station
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Did you go to Boot Camp in San Diego? It too was closed, in 1993, and has since become a development of retail and commercial business's know as Liberty Station.  Liberty Station consist of a retail and commercial district, a promenade, an educational district, a residential district, a hotel district, an office district and a park/open space area along the boat channel. (from Wikipedia). The best memory that survives is the USS RECRUIT (TDE-1) pictured above. The below links will take you to very informative articles as well as several videos of what once was where US Navy sailors began their journey and what it has since become!

RTC Circa 2005

A sad transition - For those of you who were RTC Orlando boot camp graduates, as I was, you should know that all evidence of a Naval Base is now gone.  The following pictures portray RTC Orlando as it was in it's heyday and sadly, the same view after all the buildings were razed.  I've also included an aerial view of the base as it now appears;  upscale condos, homes, shopping.  A development called Baldwin Park (named after Lake Baldwin - the big lake) now occupies the NTC/RTC site.

RTC 1972
Satellite View of Lake Baldwin Housing Development