Our Members Spot Light page highlights a particular Concord sailor
and shares their memories while stationed aboard. 

Our reason for choosing a sailor each quarter to be recognized here is to offer a unique contribution to our association a particular member brings. All of our sailors are special people and each has a unique story but this quarter we have chosen Auxiliary Member, Alice Daly, Spouse of departed BM2 Dave Daly a USS Concord Plank owner. 



Alice joined our association club back in 2014 and immediately began to contribute and offer camaraderie to our group. She has been a staple in our functions and swears she does it all to honor her late husband, Dave. I'm sure this is true but I also feel that she, being a navy spouse, has a lot of patriotism and love for our Navy and enjoys being part of its community. Regardless we enjoy her company and felt it only right to share her story here and her dedication to what she contributes to the Navy. 


Alice is a teacher and as such has contributed to the success of many young men and women under her tutelage. One of her former students decided to follow the path that you and I did and enlisted in the Navy. This young sailor was assigned to USS Daniel K. Inouye (DDG-118), which was commissioned and home-ported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. A true patriot, Alice went to Hawaii to be there for this young sailor, and also to welcome the Inouye into active service. Thanks, Alice, for all you do. 



You can learn more about Alice and this journey below, in her own words:

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Alice's Jacket to honor Dave


Alice's comments:
Saturday, 4 December
 Met one of my former students from 8th grade physical science class (now an Army captain -but Navy beat them a week later, so it’s ok!), who gave us a fantastic island tour. Started at the Punchbowl Crater and the Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, then to the Byodo-In Temple. What a beautiful, serene place! Continued our tour along the coast…Chinaman’s Hat, Bellows Beach, and made a stop at La’ie Wayspot. I had brought an extra name tag that Dave had worn on his uniform jumper and Ross had given me a plumeria lei at the start of the tour. He stopped here so I could toss Dave’s name tag into the Pacific, along with the lei for all of his Concord shipmates, especially the Plankowners. I was very emotional at this point. So, onward to the Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay. No surfing today…..waves were too big! Last stop was a late lunch. Food trucks everywhere! Thai, Korean, Texas Barbecue…so many choices! Little did we know what tomorrow would bring.
Monday, 6 December

 USS Arizona Memorial Tour today. Boarded the trolley with ponchos and rain hats. Passed by King Kamehameha’s statue and arrived at Pearl Harbor between downpours. Someone was definitely looking out for us! We toured the memorial and then reboarded the trolley…and then came the monsoon! Trolley was rigged with Christmas lights and perpetually open windows. Ponchos wear secured as best as we could to keep rain out, but our seat seemed to be ‘under a waterfall.’. Can you say ‘two drowned rats???’
 Very interesting fact about the USS Arizona…she is still leaking oil after 80 years! Note the colors on the water’s surface.
 **Bob Smith: great gift shop here! I’m sure if you contact them, you could get some neat stuff for the ship’s store.
Tuesday, 7 December

 80th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor!! High school bands from states memorialized by battleships lost on 7 December 1941 performed…Alabama, Wisconsin, Maryland, Arizona…to name just a few. Assembly was at Fort DeRussey. One of the highlights of the parade was a 100 year old veteran. Big day tomorrow…COMMISSIONING!!
Wednesday, 8 December

 Again, the gods were in our favor. The clouds parted and the sun took center stage, along with 78 degree weather.
 FRONT ROW SEATS!! for the commissioning of the USS Daniel K. Inouye (DDG-118). There were many speakers but the governor of Hawaii stood out among all. He blew one note on a conch shell and asked everyone in the audience to turn and face the mountains and remember a loved one they had lost. Not a dry eye pier-side. I’m sure it must have been very emotional for Jenny, as she lost her Dad about 3 years ago. (He was one of her reasons for joining the Navy family). Commander Gilmore, the CO, praised her crew and recounted all the training they had been through and then gave the command to ‘bring the ship alive.’ So many moving and traditional moments. Benediction ended with the playing of the Navy Hymn, which was yet another emotional moment. At this point, I was wondering if would ever stop crying. Jenny gave us a tour of the ship…brand new, freshly painted (3 cheers to the BMs onboard!) and decked out in red, white and blue bunting with her commissioning pennant flying proudly. She is a sleek, trim ship with a tremendous amount of firepower and 2 helos. She will do us proud, both as an ambassador and a protector/defender of the seas. We finished the day with a tour of the USS Bowfin Museum, mainly for my older son Skip, who can tell you all you ever wanted to know about submarine ops in the Pacific during World War ll.
Saturday, 11 December

 Bade a sad farewell to this island paradise and all the people we met along the way. The tour leaders, the ABC workers who started to recognize us, the restaurant workers, etc. We will miss their friendly and warm welcome that made us feel like ‘ohana.’  Mahalo, Honolulu…we will miss you.
 All ended well with a Navy win over Army and a smooth, safe, 10 hour flight home - even with a 140 mph tail wind!

 May I respectfully request a reunion here at some point!!??  (Don't know about anyone else Alice, but I'm in favor......Web Dude :) 


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