Our Members Spot Light page highlights a particular Concord sailor
and shares their memories while stationed aboard. 

Our reason for choosing a sailor each quarter to be recognized here is to offer a unique contribution to our association a particular member brings. All of our sailors are special people and each has a unique story but this quarter we have chosen Jeff Bacon. 
I contacted Jeff many years back and asked for permission to use his work (cartoons) to help decorate our site. Many if not most famous people such as Jeff are very reluctant to allow use of their work and often use threats to prohibit unauthorized useage. Jeff on the otherhand immediatley wrote back and told me "use with my blessings". At that point I realized that he was a geniune guy and shipmate. Given his permission I immediatley began dressing our pages with his cartoons and have used them to help get my point out to the crew. This year as we prepared for our 6th bienneial reunion I contacted Jeff and told him we were preparing for our function. He graciously volunteered to do a personal cartoon for our group, which was included in our Summer newsletter as well as our reunion 21 page, and it was a wonderful addition. I invited Jeff to our function but he was unable to attend due to a move and a new job with the Coasties.
Jeff also Co-Founded and serves a chair position at Wyakin foundation, a non-profit group to help wounded shipmates get back on their feet. Wyakin is a great organization that relies fully on donations. Wyakin Foundation link is located below as well as Jeff's Facebook Page. Perhaps you would like to help support Jeff's organization?

Wyakin Link

Jeff's Facebook page


Feel free to click on each picture for a larger view :)


If you know of a member that you would like to recognize as "Spotlighted" or have input your self that you wish to nominate, contact the webmaster below with the name and reason.