This Members Spot Light page highlights a particular Concord sailor
and shares their memories while stationed aboard. 

Our reason for choosing a sailor every quarter to be recognized here is to offer a unique contribution to our association a particular member brings. All of our sailors are special people and each has a unique story but this quarter we have chosen posthumously Bob Cherry in recognition of his devotion to our ship and dedication to our association. I had the pleasure of being the recipient of many of his sea-stories at the 2019 reunion (which is lovingly alluded to by his wife Colleen below) and treasure the comradery. Our Secretary Garry Collins also contributed his reflections on Bob and is posted below as well:
A True Shipmate,
Bob Cherry MS1 80-83 
our "Fall 2020" SLM

USS York Town
Reunion 2019.
Reunion 2019.
Reunion 2019.



Bob and Coleen banquet photo
Reunion 2019.
Bob and Coleen USS Yorktown
Reunion 2019.

Bob and Coleen at the banquet
Reunion 2019.

Colleen's contribution


I’m doing good.  Bob hung around with Wallace , Jeter and OS1 Tom Arnold . I don’t know what his favorite like and dislikes were but I do know that of the ships he was on we stayed friends with those that were on the Concord and he enjoyed coming to the reunions when he could. Once he started talking you couldn’t get him to quit. (haha) He was on the ship 81 to  83 went on med cruise . 
 Garry Collins's contribution 
 HI Tim,

I reported aboard October 1981 as Food Services Officer.  Bob was the Food Services Record Keeper at that time.  The Records Keeper is a very important position as every food item and breakout must be recorded and inventory maintained!  Every quarter, the operation had to render financial returns.  Bob was very good at that job. As a new Supply Corps officer, it was a big burden off my shoulders to have Bob in that capacity.  At that time I believe the Navy authorized us less than $5/day to feed every crew member.  Can you believe it?  Every food item that was “lost” in inventory also counted against that daily ration.  Details, details, details.  Bob was on top of the process; keeping accurate inventory records for every food item, assisting with the financial returns, and providing recommended reorder quantities for all food items.  Big job. He was always up to it.  

After I left the FSO slot, I believe Ensign Cole took the role from me. Bob also served many months as one of the galley watch captains.  The watch captains “run the show”.  All the cooks and assigned food service attendants (lovingly referred to as mess cranks) reported, and were responsible to “the watch captain”.  Bob, once again took his responsibilities to heart, and did an outstanding job running the messdecks and galley! 

I wish I had some pics of Bob but I do not.  All I have is one of me sitting in the Food Services Officer, no doubt reviewing some of the records.  I will attach.

Of course Bob was a staunch supporter of Concord Veterans Association. He was a great shipmate and is surely missed! I have fond memories of Bob Cherry!

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