Our Members Spot Light page highlights a particular Concord sailor
and shares their memories while stationed aboard. 

Our reason for choosing a sailor each quarter to be recognized here is to offer a unique contribution to our association a particular member brings. All of our sailors are special people and each has a unique story but this quarter we have chosen Byron Carroll, OS1 82-87. 
Byron served our ship for 5 years back in the 80's, and as many of you know he is still serving our ship today as our Command Chaplain. I, (Web Dude), also served during the same years as Byron but to be honest, I don't recall him from the ship. You see he was a topsider, and I was a below decker, and never the Twain shall meet. It was during our reunions that I truly became acquainted with Byron and have since enjoyed his freindship, and sea tales. He truly is a genuine shipmate and a perfect pick to serve as our Chaplain. 
I would also like to pause here and make a plug for our reunions. Those who attend our functions span the years from Concords building, back in the 60's into the 90's and you never know who you might meet. I have made many lasting relationships with our members, some whom I never sailed with, and some like Byron whom I did sail with but never really got to know. 
Byron is a truck driver and while he was resting before a delivery (in his truck) I phoned him about honoring him here and while on the phone asked him to send me a picture, the one entered at the top of this page. I volunteered this information just in case our readers thought he might be a DJ or some such occupation.
Anyway You can learn more about Byron and his days on board below: 


Feel free to click on each picture for a larger view :)

Byron at the reunion, just won a prize
No Byron that's not the way a mug works:)

A very happy Division of Men!

Byron's thoughts:
I came aboard in November of 1982 while we were in Johnathon Shipyard and staying at the Lafayette Yacht Club and my EAOS was 04AUG87. I extended for 1 year out of "A" school. I got to the ship as a seaman apprentice and was an frocked 1st class when I left.

I was in OPS Department/OI Division. I had three different division officers, they were Larry Baun, Larry Weill and David Broduer.

Some of my friends were Rick Otlowski, John (Mark) Quick, Bert Mclaughlin, Randy Anderson, Rodney Gossert, Todd Barnhill, Ruben (Doug) Walden and Neal Gaylor.

I was on the '83, '85 and '86 med cruises and the three Gitmo's from 83-87 and the ports in Brazil during Unitas in 84.

I enjoyed the the comraderie, the ports and life on the ship.

One time we pulled into Norfolk on a Friday for three days and I had weekend duty and only had Friday night at home before we left for Boston (I think). On a bright note that was the only night I was home over a pretty good period of time and The Doctor said that was the day my oldest daughter was conceived. Imagine that! No, don't lol.

My contact info
OS1(SW) Byron Carroll 



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