Our Members Spot Light page highlights a particular Concord sailor
and shares their memories while stationed aboard. 

Our reason for choosing a sailor each quarter to be recognized here is to offer a unique contribution to our association a particular member brings. All of our sailors are special people and each has a unique story but this quarter we have chosen our own Ship's Store Operator Bob Smith in recognition of his devotion to our ship and dedication to our association. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bob in our association and he, and his wife Vicki's effort toward running our store and contributing to our reunions are endless. Our Secretary Garry Collins also contributed his reflections in working and knowing Bob and his thoughts are  below as well:

Bob Smith SH2 68-70 
our "Winter 2021" SLM

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Bob releasing the chain
Not really!
Cooking with friends
Remember the Ritz crackers and Cheez wheeze?
Store Keeper Bob
Pies the limit
Chilling back in the day
Store is open
Bob just pulled a fast one on Danny,,,,,,,
Vicki thinks it's funny :)
See Vicki that's how it's done!
Reunion 2019.

Bob's contribution

 Robert Smith SH2  (Ship Serviceman)


I served on Board the USS Concord AFS-5 from 1968-1970 as part of the Commissioning crew and referred to as a Plankowner which I am very proud of. I was in the S-3 Division which included the Cooks and Ship Servicemen like myself so I was able to eat early and very well while I was on board.

During my time on board the Concord I ran the snack bar and later got to Operate the Ship Store. During the time of running the store I got to meet all the 300+ sailors and Officers and gained many friendships.


I made 2 very long Med cruises while on board. While on the med cruises we had one terrible Helicopter crash when the rotor hit the communication tower and crashed on the side of the ship and split open and sank. No serious injuries to anyone. Visiting the islands of Palma and Malta were probably my favorite places while on the Med cruises.


What I enjoy the most now is the reunions. I have been to all of them with Vicki my wonderful wife. As a team we run the current Ship Store on the website and always are the hit at the reunions with our Raffle table at the Saturday night Banquet, and offer some comedy as we give away the centerpieces of the tables with some interesting contests. Vicki and I are so looking forward to the upcoming reunion in Nashville to see all our shipmate friends and have quality time together.


I contributed a few photos, to the webmaster, for this story of my memories that I keep in my Nautical basement.


Thank you for the honor of Highlighting Vicki and I. We are glad to be a part of this great group of Shipmates! 
 Garry Collins's contribution 
 HI Tim,

What can you say about Bob and Vicki?  They’ve been there from the start and they are both key figures in the success of the organization.  Both give their time, their money, and a ton of effort every reunion to build and stock our ship’s store inventory.  They make the reunion banquet a fun time with their novel ideas for raffles, drawings, and surprise gifts for the attendees.  It just wouldn’t be the same without them and their extreme dedication!  Both Bob and Vicki go above and beyond to serve the Association and it’s members! They both embody the ship’s motto always “First then, First now!”  We owe them both a big debt of gratitude! BZ to both of you Bob and Vicki! Thanks for all that both of your do!
Garry Collins
LCDR, SC, USN (ret)
LTJG Supply 1981-1984
USS Concord Veterans Association

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