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NickZuckermanAFS5/Untitled1.jpg Nick Zuckerman (BTFN 75-77), and NickZuckermanAFS5/32E84E10-34B3-47C3-B477-29CE59FE6546.jpeg Tom Cote (IC2 74-77) sent in pictures of our ship under construction. Take a surreal jouney through these shots of her spaces standing empty, and construction taking place. It's hard not to imagine that she has come full circle and displays these same shots today where she rest. To see these pics click the link below. Thanks Nick and Tom!

Tom Pappanastasiou (70-70)

Buck Slater Photos (Dec 72 - July 75)

Steve Larsen and Mike Blanks Old Ironsides shots!

Larry Gamba's reunion 2012 pics

Mike Blanks memories of Concord Mass

Dennis Romo's photos (72-74)

Bill Brown (72-76)

Tom Cote's Photos (74-77)

Bob Martin's Photos (68-70)

Douglas Williams Photos (83)

Duane Stokes Photos (77 - 81)

Barry Buchanan's Photos (69-70)

Thomas Roach's photos (78-82)

Dave Stascak's Photos (67-70)

Eugene Stanton's Photos (75)

James Gollinger's Photos (73 - 75)

Alan Wisniewski's Photos (70 - 73)

Rodney Cooke's Photos (81 - 84)

Wayne Hostilo's Photos (73-75)!

Ben Barresi's photos (81-83)!

Garry Collins' photos (81-84!

Gary Haber's photos (86-90)

Edward Robichaux Jr. (72-75)

Ferrell photos

Martin Betters Photos (73-75)

George Fullers Photo's (69-71).

Bob Sharp

Allan Hales' 68-69

Dennis Dee's HC-6 DET 86 (MED Cruise 1970)

Bob's pictures of Concords liberty boat

Joe Garrett's MK 40 Torpedo (Test Team)

Britt Straud

Most recent shot of Concord - 2009
Photo provided by CDR Dibble
USS Sylvania, USS Concord, USS San Diego - date unknown
LTJG Monti & LTJG Collins watch USS New Jersey as she steams toward Beirut Oct 83
The "chops" 83 photo by LTJG Collins
SK2Crittenden & SK2 Christopherson 82 Med
Photo by Romo

Ike alongside 82

Concord, Milwaukee, Nimitz - date/credit unknown