I've attached a few photos from my days on the Concord.  Feel free to use these as you'd like.  I have more but I'll have to get them scanned.

Scan 49:   Concord going through the Suez Canal.  I believe this was in the early days of the 80-81 cruise.  I had Master-at-Arms duty during the transit of the canal, and had to keep track of the Egyptian laborers on board to keep them from selling dope to the crew.  I transferred to shore duty around the middle of that cruise.

Scan 26:   This photo is also in the 79-80 cruise book.  This is a shot of the members of the ET shop on the port bridge wing.  Left to right is: ET3 Duane Stokes, ET3 Don Crawford, ETSN John Rodgers, ET3 Larry Bitterling, ET1 Ed Hlusko, and ET2 Tom Heilmann.

Scan 23:  View of Gibraltar from the top of the rock.  We pulled in there during the 79-80 cruise - same cruise as the disbursing heist & fire in Palma.

Scan 10:   A shot of myself as an ET2 in the Concord's transmitter room around Christmas 1979.  I had just opened a care package from home.

Scan 8:   A photo of me after the completion of the marathon run in Athens.  The only person that actually completed the run was Captain Armstrong.  I bailed out after 11 miles.  November 21st, 1979.

Best Regards,
Duane Stokes
USS Concord - ET2
October 1977 to January 1981.

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