USS Concord Veterans Association

Deck Logs

USN deck log entries are regulated by OPNAVINST 3100.7B. The required entries include: the ship’s type and hull number; date of entry; ship’s position; time; order; course, speed, depth; record of daily events; navigational/operational entries; and specific personnel entries. Working within these constraints, U.S. Naval deck log entries made during the mid-watch (midnight to 4 a.m.) each New Year’s Day, permit the Officer of the Deck to craft required information into the form of a poem. Some are well written, some not, but in most cases an effort has been made to respect this tradition. Enjoy!!   

Since we have had visits from USS CONCORD CL-10 families and since I love Navy history I ordered a couple deck logs from her. Hope you enjoy as well, “The Old HT”Cool see below: