USS Concord Veterans Association

WWII (Collins)

SM2 Neal Collins (left) and his brother  Tom Collins a Pearl Harbor survivor (right) both served our nation in one of her greatest moments. Read about Toms amazing event aboard USS Nevada during the attack, below: 

SM2 Neal Collins 1925 – 2016 WWII VET: In memory of one of our nations greatest generation veterans we are honoring Garry Collins’ (association secretary) dad. I (web dude) asked permission to honor Mr. Collins as he was among the few (and last remaining) of the greatest generation this country has ever known. Garry offered me the following information and instead of trying to reinterpret his thoughts, I’m just putting them into this page as sent by Garry:

Here are some pics from his navy days.  Oddly enough, in 2000 he undertook a shipmate search and was able to find many of his shipmates from WWII and service on LCI-78.  Five of them attended the national LCI reunion in Louisville that year!  Unfortunately, all are now deceased; dad was last survivor of the attendees.  Dad was 2nd class signalman.  Note the mascot dog they had aboard.  Dog lived on ship until end of the war and was put ashore in Hawaii. Dog’s name was “Sipe” as they got the dog in Saipan.  Dad built several models of his ship; one attached. The pic of the three sailors in white are may dad and two of his childhood friends he met up with in Pearl.  Dad is on the left. The photo of the the two lci’s shooting rockets was taken at the invasion of Peleliu in the south pacific.  Dad’s ship is the 78.  Of course as a signalman, he was on the little bridge during this photo.